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You get what you pay for when you use Thatchscapes

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At Thatchscapes, we specialise in only the highest quality workmanship for our clients. When we take on a new project we will always make sure that it’s not only safe, but also that our work reflects professional and quality guaranteed installations.We are the expert in thatching for roofs.

There are many other thatching companies in the market, but not all of them build according to strict building specifications to ensure safety and stability. In the images below, the first roof is not built according to the SANS 10407 specification and is thus unsafe for people to use because it poses a genuine risk.

The second roof was installed by Thatchscapes and it adheres to all the safety regulations that the SANS 10407 specifications stipulates. When you choose Thatchscapes as your thatching and building partner, you can best rest assured that we will build a superior quality structure that is both beautiful and safe – so you get what you pay for.

Thatchscapes is a proud founding member of the Thatchers Association of South Africa, and we will always deliver on excellence and safety for our valued clients

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