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3rd Thatch Roof at Onverwacht Estate

Thatch Roof - Onverwacht Estate - Dobie

Thatch Roof Wellington

The Thatchscapes team is currently busy with their third thatched roof installation in Onverwacht Estate in Wellington. Our qualified and highly experienced carpenters deliver the highest standard of workmanship and they are using Boron clear treated timber poles to complete the project. We always recommend that Boron treated poles are not inserted into the ground. It should rather be installed on top of walls and pillars; whereas Tanolite (CCA) treated poles can be used in ground contact. We have certainly become know as the Thatch Roof Wellington experts.

We work very closely with architects to ensure that we deliver practical structural solutions for our clients.  Our engineers have numerous years of experience in developing interior roof designs that not only create a warm and unique atmosphere, but that’s also structurally sturdy and concrete.

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