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Bamboo Reed Ceiling South Africa

The Thatchscapes team take great pride in every completed Bamboo reed ceiling installation. We have been known to be experts in Bamboo Reed Ceiling South Africa can be proud of. A wedding and function venue is a great place to install a bamboo reed ceiling to give the interior a rustic look and beautiful finish.

Bamboo reed ceilings give any roof a special touch and a feeling of heritage, especially when dealing with older venues. Thatchscapes have completed many projects that not only focus on the exterior of a site, but a lot of work also goes into making the interior look great. Thatchscapes has become one of the thatching industries top competitors. Our craftsmen are all permanent employees who have been carefully selected in order to produce top quality workmanship. This can clearly be seen in the neat work that we have done at Diamant Estate.

Thatchscapes has built a reputation on professionalism and respect for our clients’ needs. When it comes to our sales and construction work for Bamboo Ceilings, we believe in a hands-on approach. We are very pleased with the outcome of every project and we are happy that the client is always satisfied with the results. Speak to us about Bamboo Reed Ceiling South Africa today.

Advantages of Bamboo Ceilings cape Town

Advantages of using bamboo as a ceiling accent include:

  • It features a beautiful natural grain that can be stained to warm or cool a room.
  • Bamboo re-grows quickly after it has been harvested so it is sustainable and easily renewable.
  • It is very light but incredibly strong. When treated, it is stronger than most types of steel.
  • Treated bamboo is easy to clean and install.
  • Bamboo is far less likely than wood to swell and warp from humid conditions.
  • It is inexpensive and available in a wide range of styles and finishes.

Contact us for the best Bamboo Reed Ceiling South Africa.

Bamboo Reed Ceiling South Africa

Bamboo Reed Ceiling South Africa Gallery

Our Latest Projects

Stop searching for Bamboo Reed Ceiling South Africa and spend some time looking through our projects below. Contact us so we can provide you with your own amazing thatch roof repairs, Bamboo Ceilings Cape Town, Pergolas and more. Hover and click on the images below to see more.

stop searching for Bamboo Reed Ceiling South Africa

We proudly offer the quality Thatch Roof Repairs and top after sales service for our installed Bamboo Reed Ceiling South Africa. All completed contracts are filed in our database and all clients are contacted when their warranties expire, reminding them of our 3 year extended guarantee option. With our head office situated in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, we are able to serve all areas of the Western and Southern Cape. No job contract in these areas is too far for us to travel to.

Poplar Trusses

We go out of our way to reach and fulfill the needs of our customers. Our team completes jobs regularly and we’re always up to the task. Many projects involve the design, construction, and installation of exposed poplar trusses for the roof framework done by our team. We are also experts in Bamboo Reed Ceiling South Africa.

Creating natural light with Tony Sandell roof windows

Our roof windows and skylights are the way to go if you are trying to get any natural light into your thatched roof. This is the only window we use and we value the product’s consistency and longevity.

Our company specializes in installing roof windows and specialized flashing kits of thatch that are created for each window. For their requirements, our customers may choose from a broad variety of sizes. Only a specialized thatch contractor will mount these roof windows, and since our company has years of experience in the thatching business, our customers can be confident that they can only get the finest quality and workmanship. Contact us for the best Bamboo Reed Ceiling South Africa.

Custom-designed thatch roofs

We believe in going the extra mile to ensure that our valued clients get exactly what they hope for. At a recent installation at a clients home, instead of a typical thatched roof section, we rather installed it as a cover for an outside staircase and increased the overall elegance and design of the building.

To achieve functional and appropriate structural excellence, our planners and construction teams work closely together. We do our best to establish a creative and feasible approach, even if we are met with unexpected demands or problems.

If you need a carport or covered area for a large or small structure, we will build a custom thatched roof centered on the area you’d need, according to your requirements. We promise the best standard and workmanship of our goods and designs. Contact us for the best installed Bamboo Reed Ceiling South Africa


We continue to provide re-thatching projects professionally and guarantee adequate sealing to prevent any potential leakages. Our clients frequently call us during rainy times of the year, to tell us that the sealing was a big success and that there were no water leaks to worry about anymore.

We also make sure that the nooks of the roof are also painted where appropriate, which gives the building a stunning terra-cotta colored finish that our customers remain very pleased with. We are proud to offer the best solution and support to our customers, and after every project is complete, it is humbling to get some positive reviews. Contact us for the best Bamboo Reed Ceiling South Africa.

No job is too big or too small

At our company, we agree that no matter how large or small the job might be, every job or project requires the attention it deserves. We concentrate on delivering excellent and competent support while striving to remain under certain time limits. We don’t focus solely on big projects. So, if you have a thatched roof that requires a bit of extra care, make sure you contact us for excellent service and great rates. Contact us for the best Bamboo Reed Ceiling South Africa.

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